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IntraTab™ Technology & Intellectual Property


IntraTab™ has 43 issued patents worldwide protecting our oral drug delivery platform.

The intellectual property that forms the basis of IntraTab™ products are our patents for a thermodynamically-driven transmucosal drug delivery system. The composition is based on drug solution adsorbed on a solid carrier, which is directly compressed into a tablet.
Upon administration, either under the tongue or between the cheek and gum, the tablet rapidly disintegrates.  Water from saliva results in rapid tablet disintegration and provides a thermodynamic driver for drug delivery.  Thus the onset of drug action occurs >6 minutes, with the time to maxium blood concentration (Tmax) occurring in less than 20 minutes.

IntraTab™ Worldwide Patent Portfolio

IntraTab™ technology is protected with a patent portfolio consisting of 

43 issued patents issued worldwide and numerous existing applications pending. 

IntraTab™ patents have been granted in the following countries/regions:

USA, EU, China, Russia, Japan, India, Israel, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Indonesia and Mexico.

IntraTab Product Technology Advantages


IntraTab™ products offers the following benefits:

       Avoids the vagaries of gastrointestinal absorption and drug metabolism

Increased bioavailability

Lower pharmacokinetic variability

When compared to injectable, nasal and inhalation products:

More cost-effective method of manufacture

Better patient compliance

Manufacturing process is simple and straightforward offering:

Low cost of goods

High margin products even at generic pricing

Products for Rx, OTC and nutraceutical markets:

Provides market differentiation to current products

Has competitive advantage with true rapid onset of action compared to

     perceived fast onset by current products



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