THERAPIES WHEN TIME MATTERS ™



IntraTab™ is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing proprietary products with our patented sublingual drug delivery system.

Our currently marketed products, as well as those under development, utilize our patented technology to achieve rapid oral absorption & high bioavailability to be truly efficacious. 

Having launched our first two commercial products in the US in 2015, both products have established their place within their markets by achieving rapid onset of drug action within a few minutes.  

IntraTab™ products set new standards for rapid oral delivery of pharmaceuticals that have not previously been attainable. 

Our commercialized products and those under development are protected by 43 patents issued worldwide.  

We are the first specialty pharmaceutical company that is orally delivering our drugs that are not natively amenable to transmucosal delivery and avoiding the need for costly injectable, nasal and inhalation systems.


IntraTab™ products under development are focussed on therapeutic areas including  Immunology & Inflammation, CV & Metabolic Diseases, Neuroscience & Pain, Respiratory, Men & Women’s Health and Rare Diseases. 

IntraTab™ is the first specialty pharmaceutical company to utilize an oral drug delivery technology that can match the rapid onset of injectable, nasal & inhalation systems, but at the same time keeping the costs of our products reasonable during a time of rapidly rising drug prices.  

Our products empower individuals to treat their symptoms at the time they occur, in contrast to other drugs that may require over an hour before relief begins.  

IntraTab™ is developing a broad range of therapeutics that excel on the basis of performance, cost and convenience.  

When applicable, IntraTab™ products utilize the FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway to repurpose and reformulate drugs with faster onset and with the industry's lowest COGs.   The 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway focuses the development strategy to enable more timely and efficient market approval of IntraTab™ products.


Our ultimate goal is bringing products to market that enhance patient care at an affordable cost.