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2018 Patent Portfolio Summary

Forty-three (43) Patents Issued Worldwide 

Numerous Patent Applications Pending


Product Launches and Development Agreements

Melatonin Product Launch- Hy-Vee ® Stores
Melatonin 5mg tablets using the IntraTab Labs patented sublingual technology is commercially launched as a Hy-Vee branded product in the USA

Melatonin Product Launch- Kroger ® Chain of Stores

Melatonin 5 mg tablets using the IntraTab Labs patented sublingual technology is commercially launched as a Kroger branded product in the USA.

IntraTab announces first ever sales of a product ulilizing IntraTab's patented sublingual drug delivery technology.

PL Developments has commercialized and sold 5 mg Melatonin Sublingual Tablets under a license agreement with IntraTab Labs established in 2014.

NicoFi™ IntraTab's 1 mg Nicotine Tablet launches in the USA

NicoFi™ is commercially launched in the USA by IntraTab Labs' licensee PL Developments.  This represents the launch of the first nicotine product utilizing IntraTab Lab's proprietary sublingual delivery technology. 

IntraTab enters into First Ever Product Evaluation Agreement

IntraTab signs Product Evaluation Agreement for Development of Two (2) Molecules for FDA 505(b)(2) Regulatory Pathway.

IntraTab Enters into First Ever Product Development & License Agreement

PL Devleopments (PLD) and IntraTab Labs have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement whereby PLD will manufacture and commercialize two products utilizing ILI’s novel and patented IntraTab™ technology for the North American Market - Nicotine and Melatonin


IntraTab Labs awarded STTR Grant from NIH/NIDA

IntraTab Labs was awarded an STTR Grant by the National Institute of Health through the National Institute on Drug Abuse for a Pilot Pharmacokinetic Study on IntraTab's novel sublingual delivery technology for a nicotine product.